Leon L. Milch

My name is Leon Milch, my company Leon Milch Jewellers, designs and has made jewellery since 1956.

I have know Mr Joe Pien for a long time. For several years now, his accountancy firm has been accountants to my extended family and myself. They have assisted us with our business, financial and personal matters and all tax issues.

A member of his team does our bookkeeping on a monthly basis which are done very precisely and accurately.

I also attend his company seminars and presentations, which I find very helpful. I would like to thank him and his team for their personal and professional assistance to me and my family and wish them well for the future.

Leon L. Milch

Ken Ramsay

I am the principal of my own legal firm, and I provide legal services to governments, businesses, and individuals. In acting for private clients I often work hand in hand with my clients’ accountants and financial advisers in preparing wills, setting up trusts, administering estates, (I am a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners), and advising on disputed estates, risk management, and appropriate business and financial structures. I met Joe Pien in 2005 through one such mutual client. I have our client’s power of attorney, and I provide all necessary legal advice. Joe provides all necessary financial, accounting, tax and superannuation advice.

For Joe this has involved matters as diverse as advising on financial issues arising out of a disputed estate, advising on the benefits of setting up a self managed superannuation fund and as to appropriate investments for the fund having regard to our client’s risk profile, documenting the arrangements, reviewing the fund’s investments in a timely manner, preparing all necessary returns, and generally ensuring the proper management of the fund.

When advisers have mutual clients it is essential that they have complete trust and confidence in each other’s honesty, judgement and expertise. Having worked closely with Joe since our first meeting I can say that I do have that level of trust and confidence in Joe and his remarkable team, and this is reflected by my agreeing to accept the roles of sole director/shareholder in the corporate trustee of the superannuation fund that Joe established.

Ken Ramsay

Debbie & Mike Cohen - Frantik Agencies Pty Ltd

My husband and I run several businesses, a fashion agency; business management practice; bookkeeping services and IT consultancy and support. We have used the services of Joe Pien Chartered Accountant for 15 years for our businesses, personal affairs, financial, tax and retirement planning.

Over the years the services provided by Joe Pien Chartered Accountant has grown to include regular newsletters, financial services and planning, seminars and retirement and superannuation planning. We have found these services invaluable both on a personal and business level. The services provided have been beneficial to the growth of our businesses and our personal finances. In particular with our IT support business this has been promoted by Joe Pien Chartered Accountant and they have been instrumental in linking us with other clients of the practice who require our services. The bottom line is that Joe and his staff care about the clients of the practice and their futures.

The practice isn't about making money from their clients – it is about providing a service and assisting their clients to have more profitable businesses and personal wealth.

Visit our website at www.frantikagencies.com.au or www.guroos.com

Debbie & Mike Cohen
Frantik Agencies Pty Ltd

Vivienne Mersiades

Our family operates a small business with a number of rental properties and shares. My role is to oversee the organizational structure and day-to-day activities of our investment companies.

In addition, I look after the accounts of both my husband's and my medical business, our family trust and our family's DIY super fund I have found the support and efficiency of Joe Pien and his staff invaluable in compiling our annual tax returns as well as giving timely, valuable and competent taxation and business services advice. We have have been a client of this practice for approximately 10 years. During this time, Joe and his staff have provided proactive, helpful and readily available personalized service which has made our business management easier.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the firm to others.

Kind regards Vivienne Mersiades

Peter Saxon - Director, Radiowise Productions Pty Limited

Dear Joe,

I just checked my diary and found an important anniversary I almost missed.
It’s been ten years since I appointed you and your organisation to our accounts.
A good time to take stock and evaluate the relationship over that time.

As you know, a lot better than me I'm pleased to say, over the past decade our business has become much more diversified and complex starting with the split from my business partner at Radiowise Media Networks, to taking over sole responsibility for radio info and now my chairmanship of IRD. Then of course, there’s Pauline who opened up the café in Crows Nest and now the lingerie shop, Secret Women’s Business, which, in no small way, thanks to your advice is going gangbusters!

All this and our personal finances too. Its good to know, that we can totally rely on you to look after our best interests. We've been particularly impressed with the level of personal service you provide and the quality of your staff.

Thanks to you, we no longer panic when we get a notice from the Tax Office. You’re always there on short notice when we need you. And we’ve certainly met some valuable contacts through your always informative functions.

On behalf of Pauline, thank you for always finding a clear and profitable path through the jumble of our finances.

Give it another ten years? I think so.

Visit our website at www.radioinfo.com.au

Regards, Peter Saxon
Director, Radiowise Productions Pty Limited

Noelene Woo, Sydney

My personal tax affairs were a mess before a friend suggested that I switch to Joe Pien Chartered Accountant in 1999. It's been 10 years and we haven't looked back.

My husband and I are keen property investors and professional people, and found Joe Pien and his staff to be of a wealth of knowledge in ensuring that we meet our tax obligations whilst capitalising on our investments. Even though their business has grown, their personalised service hasn't changed. I can pick up the phone or email the principal Joe Pien for a quick chat or advice anytime.

We would highly recommend anyone who wants a one stop shop in accountancy and financial services to consider Joe Pien Chartered Accountant .

Noelene Woo, Sydney

Don Kelly - Business Manager - Southern Radiology Group

The Southern Radiology Group (Medical Imaging Provider) has utilised the services of Joe Pien Chartered Accountant ("JP") since 2002.

In our current form, JP provides accounting and financial management for five businesses within our organisation, all with individual requirements and needs.

JP's services to the SR Group include:

  • General accounting/book-keeping (in-house);
  • Payroll (in-house);
  • Taxation;
  • Cash-flow budgeting;
  • Advice on business structure;
  • Advice on commercial financing.

The SR Group has been extremely impressed by the prompt, reliable, accessible and professional services offered by JP. Our allocated group of advisors and accountants are extremely responsive and diligent. Collectively we think of them as an essential part of our management team, not just
as a service provider.

The success of the SR Group in the last 5 years is largely due to the sound, detailed and evidence-based business and financial advice recieved from our financial team at JP.

Visit our website at www.southernradiology.com.au

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