We have partnered with a number of hand picked specialists with a broad range of services deliver complete financial solutions for our clients. To find out more on how we can help you, please contact us.

Condor Wealth Solution

Condor Wealth Solution – giving our clients the opportunity to invest. Condor Wealth Solution offer our clients Financial Planning, Investment Reviews, Superannuation, Home and Investment Loans, Business Loans and Leasing, and more.


Brown Wright Stein is a commercial law firm that specialises in working with business owners and aspirational individuals. Through long-standing relationships with their clients, the firm has developed a deep understanding and insight into the nature of owner-managed businesses. The lawyers at Brown Wright Stein take a holistic approach to understanding the challenges facing the business sector and develop solutions that are both pragmatic and strategic, to integrate with each client’s wider business needs.


Goalstribe organizes online mastermind groups to help business owners take their business to the next level.

Goalstribe works with small to medium sized business owners, that have lost focus, not sure where to take their business and are overwhelmed due to lack of time and resources.

Our program enables business owners to take charge of their business, achieve it’s goals by getting focused and clear on what is required to achieve those goals.

How this is achieved is through our online community of like-minded business owners coming together to collaborate, share experiences, and knowledge to help each other achieve their business goals. Fortnightly online structured coaching sessions facilitated by a professional coach allows for accountability and commitment to tasks. Then the ability to track and monitor progress each day through our online platform open 24/7/365 making sure owners are on track and taking their business to new heights.

For more information go to www.goalstribe.com

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